The back room of The Sandbar is going through some changes.

100_0256Dave got his hands on a large fish tank some time ago. I don’t know where these things come from, but all things fish-related seem to gravitate to him- people who no longer want to take care of their tanks are constantly offering him fish, coral, tanks, and more. Anyway, it’s a big tank, and perfect for The Sandbar. He built a huge stand/cabinet to enclose the tank and added a ledge on the front for drinks. It looks pretty cool. It sits against the back wall, where the bench used to be. New benches are going to be added around the rest of the walls.

Those of you who spend your evenings hanging out in the back playing darts don’t need to worry, the dartboards are still there. The foosball table, however has been relocated to the upstairs area.

Over the next few weeks the new tank will fill up with a mixture of living things. Some will come from Dave’s personal tank at home. Others will probably come from Pet World, one of Dave’s favorite places for all things fish.

What new fish would you like to see at The Sandbar?