Rocky Horror Picture Show Haunted Bus Trip

We had so much fun on last year's Rocky Horror Picture Show adventure, we're doing it again! This crowd favorite will certainly become an annual event.


This year's party bus details:

  • When: Friday, October 29
  • Time: 7 p.m., The Sandbar in Lawrence
  • Cost: $25 per person

The bus will leave The Sandbar at 7 p.m. and travel the haunted back roads to Baldwin City, where we'll stop and pick people up at the Lodge, probably around 7:30. The adventure will continue to Dunn's Landing, a fantastic farm in Wellsville, where we'll stop for a Halloween party and refreshments.

Finally, the bus will head to the historic Crystal Plaza movie theater in Ottawa for the main event: a special screening of Rocky Horror Picture Show.

Audience participation and costumes are highly encouraged!

The cost of $25 includes the bus trip, refreshments, Halloween party, admission to the movie and props. After the movie we'll travel the same route back to Lawrence.

A sign-up sheet is at the bar now, and you can pay by check or credit card. You'll have to pay at the time you sign up; we can't hold your spot without payment because we need to know how many people are going. We might have to get two buses!

Or, you can pay via Paypal by sending your payment to If you can't make it to the bar to sign up, and you don't want to use Paypal, please e-mail us at the same address to make payment arrangements.

We hope to have lots more crazy characters join us on our Halloween adventure this year!

Rocky Horror Picture Show Party Bus

Last night was our inaugural Rocky Horror Picture Show party bus extravaganza, and judging by the amount of fun that was had, it might become an annual event!

The party started at The Sandbar in Lawrence, where about 30 of us gathered to wait for the bus. A majority of us were dressed in costume from the movie- lots of Brads and Janets and french maids.

We posed for a group picture before boarding the bus:


And then we were off! We traveled down the country roads to Baldwin City and made several more stops to pick people up. We even drove right by Tony and Robin's house near Baldwin- after they had made a crazy effort to meet the bus in Lawrence on time. Next time we'll pick you up on your corner!

The bus continued on to Ottawa, bouncing over potholes along the way and inspiring more than one person to beg the driver to stop alongside the road so they could have some "relief."  The begging didn't work.

We finally made it to the Sandbar in Ottawa, and our crew partied with the folks in Ottawa for about half an hour. Of course there was bar dancing:


If you can't tell from the picture, Dave is sort of doubled over. The ceilings in Ottawa are much shorter than the ones we're used to and he barely fits up there! 

Everyone loaded back up on the bus and we headed downtown to the Crystal Plaza movie theater. The Sandbar rented out the place for a private showing of the Rocky Horror Picture Show, complete with props like water guns, party hats, and newspapers.

I've never seen the movie in it's entirety, but I was relieved to find that more than a few other attendees were newbies too. One of the funniest stories from the night was about the person who kept asking everyone to be quiet, because she was trying to watch the movie!

Half of the crowd ran to the front of the theater and danced to the Time Warp song during the movie:


Kudos to Movie Dave and Scotty Mac, who kept the crowd entertained during the entire show with their constant commentary. They've apparently seen the movie more than once. And we can't figure out why Movie Dave won't dress up for Halloween or any other holiday, but yet he's willing to go out in public dressed like Brad…

After the movie everyone loaded back up on the bus and we retraced our route home, dropping folks off at random corners in the country. The ride home was a little more subdued- perhaps because the coolers were pretty empty.

The bus got back to the Sandbar in Lawrence before closing time, so we had a few minutes to catch up on the happenings of the evening with those who had to stay behind. Lots of people in the bar were excited to pose with some of our characters.

All in all, it was a fun event filled with Sandbar staff and regulars, along with some new faces we hope to see again! 

More pictures from the event are available on our Facebook page or Flickr photostream. We also created a Whrrl story during the event, but because the iPhone has such a poor camera, the pictures aren't very good quality.

It’s Almost Halloween!

And our second-favorite holiday of the year! (The first being St. Patrick's Day, if you've somehow missed this information.)

For some of us Halloween has already started, given that there were parties this weekend and costumes were spotted in the Sandbar on Saturday night. 

We encourage you to stop by the Sandbar anytime this week wearing your favorite disguise! We also have several events planned that you might want to put on your calendar.

Rocky Horror Halloween

This Friday, load up on our party bus and travel to Ottawa for a special Sandbar screening of the Rocky Horror Picture Show. Meet us at The Sandbar at 7 pm; the movie starts at 10 pm. We haven't decided what time the bus will leave Lawrence yet, but as soon as I know, I'll post it here.

For $25 per person, you get a designated driver to and from Lawrence; fun and refreshments on the party bus; movie tickets; and a goody bag for the movie. That's a bargain when you consider the fun we'll provide. Oh, and costumes are encouraged, whether they're costumes from RHPS or whatever you want to wear.

Halloween in Lawrence

On Saturday night come back to The Sandbar for our annual Halloween extravaganza, complete with the costume contest that we always forget to actually have. We'll try to remember this year. Prizes for the winners, as voted on by the crowd.

There will be a cover charge. Give the doorguy your best trick, though, and maybe he'll waive it. Don't be a jerk or he might double it.

Halloween in Ottawa

If you're in Ottawa on Saturday night, come out to our second Sandbar location. The Cash Cage is back! Starting at 8 pm, everyone in a costume is eligible to jump in the Cash Cage and try to win! We'll have $200 up for grabs, but you have to be in costume to participate!

We'll have pictures from all the events to share next week- feel free to send us yours, too!

Rocky Horror Halloween

Halloween– one of our favorite days of the year- is rapidly approaching, and we've got a special treat for you!

We rented a party bus, and we're looking for a bunch of our favorite fans to take a trip to Ottawa on Friday, October 30, for a special Sandbar-only screening of the Rocky Horror Picture Show


Peach and Ted, longtime Sandbar owners, also own the recently renovated Crystal Plaza Movie Theater in Ottawa and are excited to host our group for the night.

Interested? Here are the details:

  • Ticket price is $25 per person
  • Meet at The Sandbar (Lawrence) at 7 pm for a Rocky Horror pre-party
  • Ride the party bus to Ottawa and back
  • Showtime is 10 pm
  • Refreshments provided on the bus
  • Accessories goody bag provided at the show

There's a sign-up sheet at the bar, and the staff will gladly take your money. You can call and pay with a credit card, too. We encourage you to sign up in advance- space is limited (it always is at the Sandbar!), so don't wait until the night of the party.

Of course, we also highly encourage costumes and audience participation!

If you've never been on a Sandbar party bus before, let me tell you that the bus trip alone is worth the $25, and I have pictures to prove it. This is a trip you won't want to miss.