Float Building has Begun!

We're very excited to announce that construction of our 2010 St. Patrick's Day Parade float has officially begun! It actually started last weekend, when the longer-than-usual trailer was delivered to our rented garage space, and some of the usual suspects hauled out their power tools and lumber.

This is at least our 14th or 15th year in a row to have a float in the annual parade. Our float, like the parade itself and the crowd that watches it, has grown bigger and better every year. Except maybe for 2008, the year of the Soggy Sandbarn– the torrential downpour that day kept lots of people away from the parade and made our dancers cranky.

Every float is our favorite one at that particular time, but the 2007 Showboat stands out as perhaps our largest undertaking ever (two levels of people!), and the 2003 Love Shack was a crowd favorite that featured a palm tree falling off the float and nearly crashing into the judge's table. Fortunately, no small children or animals were injured.

We're officially behind schedule since Mother Nature has been particularly uncooperative this year. But as long as it's sunny and somewhat warm on the big day, we're not complaining.

The Parade is held on Wednesday, March 17, at 1 p.m. It begins at South Park and travels north on Massachusetts Street and across the bridge, and then from there it's anyone's guess. The Flamingo Club is still the destination, but due to never-ending construction in North Lawrence, we don't know what the actual route will be yet. (We're just hoping that our enormous float will be able to make the trip through North Lawrence, actually.)

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St. Patrick’s Day- On The Way!

One thing that excites us every time a new year rolls around is the fact that St. Patrick's Day– our favorite holiday!- is near. March 17 may not seem near to you, but trust me, this part of the year flies by for us.

The decision-makers met for lunch yesterday and this year's float theme was unveiled. Of course it's still a secret, so don't expect me to spill the beans here, but it's a good one. Of course.

This year's theme was inspired during a random impromptu pool party last summer. We've got the float, the music, and even the costumes nearly figured out. And honestly, we can't believe we've never come up with this one before.

What do you think our best float ever was? A few years ago we asked this question, and the readers chose the Love Shack float from 2003.

Here's another poll, with some more recent float selections. Vote for your favorite, and if it's not one of the choices leave us a comment!  If you can't remember some of them, check out our St. Patrick's Day archives for stories and pictures.

An Old Fashioned Christmas Parade

Got plans for Saturday morning? Join us downtown this Saturday, December 5, at the Lawrence Old Fashioned Christmas Parade!

This is the 16th year of the annual event, and The Sandbar is proud to be a sponsor. Our Friday bartender Phil serves as the parade chair, and owner Peach's good friend and neighbor, Elaine VanDeventer, is the parade's executive director.

The parade starts at 11 a.m. in downtown Lawrence and features nearly 100 entrants, all of which are horse-drawn.

Want to get even more involved? There are plenty of additional opportunities available: donate funds large or small, volunteer your time, or even participate in the parade!

This is a great event to take the whole family to- how many towns can claim an entire parade of horse-drawn carriages?  If you take any pictures, email them to us or upload them to the Parade's Facebook page.

Don't forget to stop by The Sandbar after the parade for a refreshing drink!

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