Happy April Fools, Fools

We're still laughing today about yesterday's suggestion that the Sandbar jukebox was booting Jimmy Buffett in favor of teen pop. The fact that "Party in the USA" and other songs by kids too young to even enter the bar have been played a lot probably gave credibility to this proposal.

Even more amusing, it seemed that at least one current employee fell for the prank (ahem, Danny).

Calm down.

We are not changing the jukebox. And we are absolutely not removing Jimmy Buffett. That would be blasphemy.

Some of my favorite comments on our Facebook page yesterday:

"The jukebox is the heart of the Sandbar. Please don't change it too much."

"Buffett cds are what makes the Sandbar the
Sandbar, please do not take them all away!"

"If the Sandbar yanks Buffett, the Sandbar
shall no longer be the Sandbar … :("

And the absolute best comment, in my humble opinion:

Oh dear sweet baby Jesus, let this be a
cruel April Fools! We don't change the Bible and we don't mess with The
Best Damn Jukebox in North America! If you must make amendments plz fix
the Elvis and Buffett cd's that skip. More Buffett and mas tequila!!

It was clear that a few of our fans checked the calendar. We loved this compliment (thanks Brad!):

"This may be the best April Fool's Joke I've seen this year … bravo."

I sincerely hope that we didn't send anyone into unnecessary panic mode yesterday. Rest assured, we love our jukebox as much as you do.

What pranks fooled you yesterday?

Changing Up The Sandbar Jukebox

We're extremely proud of the Sandbar jukebox, and although everyone might not agree we think it's the best one in town. It's full of music from at least seven decades, and includes favorites like Frank Sinatra, James Taylor, ABBA, Disney tunes, and every Jimmy Buffett song you could dream of.

However. Times changes and people change.

Recently, I got an iTunes email receipt that ratted out the Miley Cyrus fan in the house. I didn't download "Party in the USA," and my dog, although extremely smart, hasn't mastered the computer yet. The only culprit was Dave.

Of course, he quickly used the bar as an excuse. "But you should see them dance!" he exclaimed when I called out his music taste. "Even the boys get up and dance!" he said. And it's always more fun at the Sandbar when the crowd is dancing. Dave's got a special playlist on an iPod that he can kick on whenever the jukebox music just doesn't deliver- and lately, that's been happening a lot.

We've decided it's time for a jukebox overhaul. This has never happened before, and in fact hands have been slapped when they tried to sneak a new CD (looking at you, Scotty Mack). But, we aim to please, and the masses clearly want new music.

Sad to say, Buffett may not make the cut. For some reason, people in a tropical bar just don't want to hear tropical music anymore. We're reviewing jukebox records to see what other songs haven't been played in the last few months, but they probably won't be missed.

As we go through this process, we'd love to hear your suggestions for new music. What songs will make you get up and dance?

Listen to Sandbar Music

Music has been a hot topic around here lately, so I came up with a couple new ways for you to experience our jukebox when you can't actually be at The Sandbar.

1.  Check out the new Sandbar Jukebox iMix at the iTunes store!

I used the suggestions made on our Facebook page and in the comments here and put together an iMix. It's published on iTunes, so you can open it up and purchase some or all of the songs to make your own playlist. (When you click on that link, you're going to be prompted to pick an application to open it with).

You might notice some obvious Sandbar songs missing from this list. My original list had about 25 songs on it. Unfortunately, if a song isn't available to be purchased on iTunes, it can't be included in the iMix. I was surprised by the number of songs I wanted that weren't available- or at least the version I had wasn't in iTunes. I wasn't interested in changing the data on my music files just to make it compatible with iTunes.

You can even rate this iMix- assign it some stars and let me know what you think.

2.  Listen to the Sandbar Jukebox station on Pandora!

If you aren't familiar with Pandora, you should be. It's awesome. And the best way to get through a long boring day at the office. 

I created a Sandbar Jukebox station for our fans. Now, it's likely that you'll hear songs on here that aren't actually on our jukebox. Pandora lets you select an artist, song, or genre that you like, and then it chooses music that has similar attributes to what you selected. It's a very analytical and detailed process that I don't fully understand so I'm not going to attempt to explain it.

But, I've created my own stations based on artists I like, and I haven't been disappointed yet. So if you love our jukebox, check out our Sandbar Jukebox station on Pandora.

I'm pretty excited about these two musical options, so check them out and let me know what you think.