(Near) Famous Sandbar Relatives

I was really excited to see a recent album review in Ink, the Kansas City Star entertainment magazine that gets dropped off weekly at The Sandbar.

First, a bit of backstory. Peach has a brother, Patrick, who she bought The Sandbar from many, many years ago. Patrick has a daughter, Katlyn. We haven't seen her a lot around The Sandbar, but she danced with us on the Love Shack float in the St. Patrick's Day parade a long time ago:


I'm sure she'll love that I posted this picture. At least I didn't identify which one she is with little white arrows; you can try to figure that out yourself.

Anyway, Katlyn is a very accomplished singer and songwriter. She's been with the band Another Holiday for awhile, but she is getting ready to release her first solo album, "I Think I'll Stay Inside."

Ink magazine reviewed her album and really only had amazing things to say about it, even calling Katlyn "one of the most stunning female voices in the region."  In fact, the only complaint they seemed to have is that the end of the album has a lot of slow songs. 

The review ends by calling her album a "near perfect debut." That's a super compliment. The article doesn't say when her album will be out- maybe it already is- but if you're in the market for new music, pick up a copy and check it out.

Congratulations Katlyn, The Sandbar is proud of you!