Lawrence Pub Crawl Visits The Sandbar

Last Saturday afternoon, The Sandbar welcomed the Lawrence Pub Crawl participants to our little watering hole.

The Lawrence Pub Crawl is a benefit event for the H2 Foundation, which supports local charities through its grant process. The H2 Foundation has supported charities in the Kansas City area for awhile now and recently expanded to the Lawrence/Douglas County area.

A lot of our neighboring bars along Massachusetts Street participated in the crawl. The event was held during the day, which was perfect for us- we aren't normally very busy on a Saturday afternoon, but we're so small that if the event were held at night, we wouldn't be able to accommodate the teams. 

Lots of our friends formed teams of anywhere from 5-12 members, paid their entry fee, and got their route of bars to visit. It sounded like a lot of fun! Maybe next year we'll sign up a Sandbar team.

I have a Polaroid picture of Blair and Joe from one of their stops….but I decided it would probably embarrass Blair if I posted it online. I decided to be nice.

Did any of you join the pub crawl? Any favorite stories or pictures to share?