Sandbar Song Writers Reunite

A long time ago, like almost eight years ago, the Sandbar Song was born.

We had originally rewritten the words to "Copa Cabana" to dance along with after the hurricane blew through the bar, but Peach decided we needed our very own song. You can read the story of the Sandbar Song here.That was a fun trip that we definitely need to repeat.

The song was co-written by Peach, Dusty Workman and Eddie Kilgallon. Recently, we discovered that Dusty and Eddie have reunited on a new project, "Evidence of Journey."

According to Radio Rich and Friends:

Join us this week for Eddie K, founding member of the band Ricochet and keyboardist touring  with Montgomery Gentry. He along with our friend Dusty Workman have put together a GREAT New Group, ” Evidence of Journey”. They’ll be playing a concert this weekend that you’ll hear about ONLY on Radio Rich and Friends.

I would tell you to tune into and listen to Radio Rich and friends for more information, but I couldn't find the radio station call letters anywhere on their website.

However, I received a Facebook invitation from Dusty to a concert on Sunday night. Looks like Evidence of Journey will be playing at 6 p.m. at the First Assembly of God near 27th and Topeka Boulevard.

I have no idea what kind of music Evidence of Journey plays, but I can assure you that Dusty and Eddie are both excellent musicians as well as super nice guys. We are eternally grateful for their help with the Sandbar Song! And by the way, the reggae voice singing our song belongs to Eddie.