Merry Christmas from The Sandbar!

We love Elf Yourself so much we had to do it again- especially when we saw the new surfing elves video they added this year! It's perfect for the Sandbar!

We hope you're all enjoying the holiday season and spending time with your loved ones. But when you get tired of them, or if you're tired of hanging around the house, remember that we'll be open at 8 p.m. Christmas night. Bring your family out, or come out and meet your friends!

You Better Not Pout…

And you better not cry, because this is what happens when you do.

A few days ago, I posted the first of our annual "Elf Yourself" creations using Sandbar staff members. I explained that the video only allows up to five elves, and given that we have about 14 employees, they wouldn't all fit into one or even two videos. Even though all of the staff wasn't represented at the time, it didn't mean they wouldn't be included in the future.

Danny was heartbroken that he didn't make the cut, so I made a special Elf Yourself video just for him. I hope he appreciates it.


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Greetings from the Sandbar Elves

Every year we get super excited when Elf Yourself arrives. Here's our first attempt at holiday greetings from some Sandbar elves! I gave in and upgraded my JibJab subscription this year, so many more of these are on the way.  I can only put five elves in each video, so obviously these greetings don't include *all* of our staff. I'll do some more so everyone gets in there.

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You might notice that Dave did "the worm" at one point in that video. Next time you see him, ask him about the time he tried to do that on a hardwood floor.

And another version:

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Have you made an Elf Yourself video this year? Leave a link in the comments!