It’s Electric! A New Tropical Drink

Dave loves making up new tropical concoctions. Once upon a time, the Sandbar only had one: the Bahama Mama. Then along came the Shark Attack, and for a short time we had Pat O'Brien's Hurricane mix shipped in from new Orleans, and after we saw the demand for these fruity drinks, the recipes exploded.

20110131_jerseyshoreNow, we have eight. EIGHT! That's a lot of options for such a small place. 

We'd like to introduce the eighth addition to our lineup: the Jersey Shore. There was a little bit of controversy in naming this drink. It's blue and glows really bright in its machine, so it was originally it was called Three Mile Island. When I was at the bar this weekend and saw it for the first time, my immediate thought was "Wow! It's electric!" You know, the wedding dance song "Electric Boogie." So that's what we were going to rename the drink.

Until Blair worked Saturday night. He wanted to name it "Jersey Shore," after the inexplicably popular reality show. Of course, the trendy choice trumped mine, so you can now order up a Jersey Shore at the bar.

Ironically, I've been told that the cast of Jersey Shore frequents a club in New Jersey called the Sandbar (no idea if they really go there, but there is/was a Sandbar in Jersey), and one time on Twitter someone showed me a tweet from Snooki that talked about her love of Bahama Mamas. I'm sure ours are better.