One Canadian peach, coming right up

Sandbar friend and regular customer Chad had this funny story for us recently. I should make him tell it, because it would be funnier, but I’ll do my best to retell it.

So he’s sitting at the bar one evening, chatting with Chelsea, our newest bartender.

A couple of young-ish girls walk in and order Georgie Peach shots. Chelsea said “sure, but you’ll have to tell me what’s in them because I’m new.”

One of the girls informs her, in an authoritative tone, that it’s made with Crown and peach schnapps.

Chad jumps into the conversation, confused, and said “No, I think you mean Southern Comfort and peach.”

“No, it’s Crown. I’m a bartender, and it’s her 21st birthday,” the girl said, pointing at her friend.

As Chad’s relaying the story to me, my first thought is “well, if it’s your friend’s 21st birthday, then you probably haven’t been a bartender very long,” and my second thought is “I don’t think that’s right, but then again I’ve never tended bar.”

He didn’t argue with her, and Chelsea made her what she asked for.

In the meantime, sure that he’s right, Chad texts Dave to find out what’s in a Georgia Peach. Dave (best bartender in Lawrence!) texts him back and confirms that yes, it’s SoCo and peach.

Chad explained to Dave that some girl at the bar was insisting on Crown. Dave’s response?

“But, Crown’s Canadian.”

It doesn’t sound as funny when I’m typing this, so I guess you had to be there. But, since then, we’ve joked a lot about Canadian Peach shots. After all, the Southern Comfort IS kind of what makes it a “Georgia” Peach…