Dollar Bill Love Notes

As you can imagine, our bartenders take home lots of one dollar bills in tips. I've shared a bank account with Dave for ten years now, so I'm used to depositing lots of singles and getting strange looks from the bank teller. Once upon a time, I worked at the bank, and the tellers knew my husband's occupation, so it wasn't a big deal…but now that I don't know the tellers anymore, I always wonder what they think of a several hundred dollar deposit made up entirely of ones.

Last time I made a deposit, the teller paused for a second while counting, and I expected him to tell me that he suspected a fake bill.

Instead, he held this up:

20091022_dollar bill 

It appears to be a statement of undying affection for Cole Joseph, written by an unknown admirer.

Unfortunately, Cole Joseph apparently chose to spend this love note at The Sandbar instead of saving it forever. Guess he didn't feel quite the same way.

It's a lot prettier than the dollar bills we usually see on the walls. We don't have colorful markers like our neighbors at Jefferson's, so our walls are a little less rainbow-like. Maybe I'll hang this one on the wall as a tribute to unrequited love.