Pretty Picture of the Shark Attack Cupcakes

A few days ago I wrote about the fabulous Shark Attack cupcakes our friend Brenna baked. The post was accompanied by a rather terrible photo I took of a cupcake. That picture absolutely did not do the cupcakes justice.

Brenna graciously provided us with a much better picture of her creation. In fact, it looks like a professional cupcake portrait from a cookbook. My first thought was to take down my awful picture and replace it with this one. Then I thought it might be funnier to leave it up and add this one so you can compare. And laugh at my photo-taking non-skills.

THIS is what the cupcakes really looked like:


Complete with an actual Sandbar shark. Makes you want to eat one, doesn't it?

Brenna’s Shark Attack Cupcakes

Our famous Shark Attack drink has inspired a love of all things shark-related at The Sandbar. We were thrilled when one of our favorite customers, Brenna, told us she was going to make shark attack cupcakes.

The picture doesn't do the cupcake justice, because I'm not a good photographer, but use your imagination:


This weekend, she brought by the finished product. And man, were they good! You might wonder how if a baked good can actually taste like a tropical drink; the answer is yes. Somehow she managed to add blue curacao liqueur to the cupcake recipe, grenadine to the frosting, and make it taste exactly like what you'd imagine a shark attack cupcake to taste like.

The cupcakes even had little plastic toy shark picks stuck in the frosting and ocean blue paper cups. They were very fancy.

Big thanks to Brenna for the delicious treats!

You can read more about Brenna's baking adventures on her blog.