An Outdoor Beer Garden!

What's a party without a beer garden? Once we finally got the stage backed into place on 8th Street, it was time to set up our extended service area. This was probably the second-biggest task after the stage. It involved lots of pieces rented from Anderson Rentals and put together by Dave and helpers.

Of course we can't just use plain old barriers; we had to Sandbar-them up. Once the fences were placed, braced, and not going anywhere, our crew stapled festive grass skirting all around them to create a tiki lounge. We even had a lighted palm tree.

IMG_0360_0207 IMG_0327_0174

Standard Beverage staff arrived to set up the portable bar outside, where we served big cans of Corona and Red Stripe. How many cases of beer did we go through out there? 45. Our man on the street didn't think he was going to have to work all night, I'm sure, but he did a great job and worked hard, and we appreciate it.

Hayley and Danny broke their fingers popping beer cans open all night in the beer garden. It twas pretty crowded and you all kept them busy!

We hate that people had to wait in line to get into the beer garden at times. Of course, being The Sandbar, everyone is probably used to waiting in line at some point….but we were hoping that this could be one night where no one had to wait! But so many people showed up, and there just wasn't any more space to put people. We honestly had no idea how many people to expect at our party, and we are still amazed at how many of you celebrated with us.

Tomorrow: Pirates and the Bar Band