Sandbar Wedding: Joe Factor and Teresa!

Saturday was a big day for the Sandbar family. Two weddings in a day- former bartenders Austin and Josie, and recent bartender Joe and Teresa.

Joe and Teresa got married in the Arts Incubator event loft in the Crossroads District of Kansas City. Holy cow, this place was gorgeous! The loft had old wood floors, exposed brick walls and glass windows all around the room that showed off a fantastic view of the Kansas City skyline. The thunderstorm and all its lightning only added to the beautiful night view.


The ceremony was short and sweet and very Joe and Teresa. And then they were married!

We ate, drank and danced. Tyler and his buddy Joe served as bartenders for the evening. There were toasts- some were funny, some were serious and some brought tears to the eye. And then they brought out Teresa's uncle dressed as a Cuban Elvis, and he sang some Elvis tunes while he read the lyrics from his phone. We've never seen anything quite like it!

There was almost a food fight. (Don't tell Teresa.) Dave convinced Andrew's girlfriend Jamie to shove a cupcake in Andrew's face, which led to Andrew conspiring to do the same to Dave- only filmed on camera this time. Andrew managed to waste a bunch of delicious cupcake frosting by smearing it on Dave's face, but unfortunately the camera girl failed to record it in time. 

Frequent Sandbar regular from several years ago Devo caught the bouquet. She's in Chicago now doing stand-up comedy. 

We managed to gather the Sandbar crew together for a group picture, and several random people kept trying to squeeze into the shot. We must have been a really cool group or something.


We danced and laughed and partied until after midnight, and then like true Sandbar staffers, we stuck around and helped put away the tables and chairs.

It was a fantastic evening and the wedding was beautiful. We highly recommend checking out the Arts Incubator if you're looking for a unique wedding or party venue in Kansas City.


And congratulations to Joe and Teresa on their marriage! They're in Emporia now, where Teresa practices law and Joe does…we don't really know. We miss them at the Sandbar!