Sandbar Shirt in Alaska

While I was loading up my popcorn basket the other day, I spied a new addition to the Sandbar shirts Wall of Fame.

20100125_sandbar shirt alaska 

This lovely woman is Janie, Sandbar art director Brother Pants' oldest sister.  She vacationed in Alaska with her husband for ten days last summer and took one our shirts along! (It must not have been very cold that day.)

I love it when random pictures secretly appear on the wall! But, I hope she didn't notice her picture missing already and think that someone stole it. Speaking of…I noticed a very obvious space on the corkboard where another picture used to be. I haven't figured out which one is missing yet.

Be sure to email us your Sandbar shirt pictures and we'll add them to the wall! Or, you can bring one in and tack it on the corkboard and wait for us to discover it.