Every year, we create a new photo slideshow. The show runs on our TVs in the bar, and we usually play it at the annual block party. We ask our loyal friends and family to send us pictures, because let’s face it: our own photos often have the same people in them over and over and over. And while we know you all love Dave, well, sometimes it’s nice to know that other people actually visit the bar, too!

So, here’s this year’s slideshow. Thanks to all the Sandbar friends who emailed photos to us. Many of these are pictures from the past year; however, you’ll probably recognize some of these photos from years past. And some of them are from MANY years past. Thanks, Michelle, for the walk down memory lane.

And that very first picture you see below? There’s a great story there, but it’s not one we can tell on the internet. Maybe in another few years…