True story from the line outside the bar this past weekend.

There was a line on Saturday night. Nothing out of the ordinary, right? It was just before 9 p.m., so maybe it was a little earlier than usual for people to be waiting in line, but hey, it was busy downtown on Saturday with the Craft Brew Expo and other things happening.

A group of girls was discussing the reason for the line, and someone else informed them that everyone was waiting because the bar was at capacity, and it was one in, one out.

Apparently, one of the girls didn’t buy this explanation.

“No, it’s not really one in, one out.”

She then informed the others around her that she works in the bar business, and she knew that the bar staff was making everyone wait in line so that it would look like the bar was busy.


She doesn’t work in OUR bar, and we promise, that’s not the way it works here.

We want you inside the bar spending money, plain and simple. Why would we make you wait outside if you could be inside spending money, drinking our drinks, and having a good time instead? That’s silly.

The truth of the matter is that our legal capacity, as determined by fire codes, is 49 people. Forty nine, people. That’s not very many. And we can get slapped with a hefty fine if we’re over that number and the fire department doesn’t like it.

So that, friends, is why you’re in line– because we don’t want to endanger your safety, and we don’t want to pay a fine.

Not because of some misguided attempt to manipulate our friends, customers or the general public.

And for those of you who patiently wait in line and don’t harass our staff about it, thank you!