Lawrence’s favorite weird and fun-for-the-whole-family downtown festival, the Lawrence Busker Fest, is back this weekend for its fifth year.

Wondering what a busker is? You must not be a townie. Just this week, I had the pleasure of explaining to an out-of-town friend what I meant when I offhandedly referred to the “busker fest.”

You know the freaks, geeks, artists and musicians that hang out on the streets downtown and perform for tips? They’re buskers. (I hope you aren’t offended by the description. I took that straight off the Lawrence Busker Fest website.)

The difference is, with the festival, there’s an organized schedule of some of the most talented performers around. There’s also facepainters, statues and balloon artists spread around downtown to entertain the whole family.

The festival kicks off Thursday night with Busker Ball at the Granada, and the buskers will perform on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Click here for a schedule.

And, for the adults out there, you can enjoy a cold beverage outside! That’s right—8th street in front of the bar will be closed to traffic and we’ll be selling drinks outside on Friday and Saturday evening.

So, bring the kids downtown for some of the most unusual entertainment you’ll find in Lawrence this weekend!