Everything (or everyone) old is eventually new again, if you stick around long enough.

A few weeks ago, a couple of our regulars were in on a Saturday night. The next day, we noticed these tweets:


I can't embed the other one because the Twitter account is private, but here's what she said:


(Those are her caps, not mine.)

I was a little surprised, since we haven't hired any new bartenders in quite some time. I asked Dave who worked the night before, and when he said "Andrew and Danny" everything made sense.

Danny worked at the bar for many, many years and is well-known to lots of Sandbar visitors- but if you're somewhat new to the over-21 crowd, it's highly likely you've never ordered from him before.

We're glad our newer friends got to experience Danny's flair bartending skills for an evening, and we're glad he's still willing to fill in behind the bar occasionally, rocking worlds in his green hat as Ellie says.

And the very next day? After disrupting his usual schedule to spend a late night behind the bar? He ran a half marathon, of course.

The Hospital Hill Run in Kansas City took place the following morning, and Danny just happened to make it onto Fox 4 news. You can watch the video here. He gets a lot of love!