Here's another member of the Sandbar Class of 2013, courtesy of Katie, who submitted profiles of all her friends.
Sandbar Graduate Profile: Alissa A.

Twitter Handle: @Assilamanderson

What's your favorite jukebox song? Wannabe by Spice Girls

What's the longest you've ever waited in line at the Sandbar?
 20 Minutes

What's your favorite tropical drink? Afternoon Delight!!

How many times have you danced on the bar? None but that's probs a good thing

What's your favorite or funniest memory from the Sandbar? Camping
out in the back room on valentine's day with my sorority sisters,
boozing and eating Pizza Shuttle! (Don't worry, we shared)

20130530_alissa1What are your plans after graduation?
After grad, I'm going to Texas for the summer and then going to grad school at Oklahoma!

Good luck in grad school, Alissa! Even though you're going to Oklahoma and not staying here. Be sure to let us know if you find a cool bar down there!