Graduation might be a distant memory for the class of 2013, but we're still happy to tell you about some of our customers. The very helpful Katie sent us not only her own answers to our questions, but answers for several of her friends, also.

20130530_katiemoSandbar Graduate Profile:
Katie Mo

Twitter Handle: @katiemo91

What's your favorite jukebox song? Anything Whitney Houston

What's the longest you've ever waited in line at the Sandbar? I waited an hour and a half for bar band once, spent 45 minutes of that time at the
front of the line, but it was worth it. 

20130530_katiemo2What's your favorite tropical drink? Shark Attack always

How many times have you danced on the bar?
Five, I think. I'm sure I'm not the only one who has the hurricane dance memorized

What's your favorite or funniest memory from the Sandbar? I
ended my 21st birthday at Sandbar, and that was pretty great. However, I
also enjoyed seeing Big Wave Dave break out the Harlem Shake at the
last Bar Band of the season this year. Making the
two mile walk during the snowstorm this year to get to Sandbar also
goes on the list. 

What are your plans after graduation? Living in Lawrence for one last summer of freedom and then off to Australia for a year as an Au Pair!  

20130530_katiemo3Tell us something else about yourself. Sandbar was one of the
only bars I couldn't go to until I was actually 21, but it was worth the
wait! Its part of my Perfect KU Trifecta: Sandbar, Sorority, and KU
Basketball. Formerly I could be seen holding
the "Bill Self for President" sign at basketball games. Starting in the fall, I'll be teaching the rock chalk chant to the Aussies 🙂

Thanks, Katie! Make sure you take a Sandbar shirt to Australia, and maybe you'll run into one of our other 2013 graduates, Dr. Emmie! What's with everybody going to Australia all of a sudden?!