Lots of Sandbar staff members and friends have scooters. In fact, we helped organize a scooter poker run several years ago that raised a couple hundred bucks for the St. Patrick's Day Parade Committee. We really should do that again sometime, it was fun.

Anyway, some scooters are bigger and heavier than others. Dave's, for example, is the big yellow one that is often parked in front of the bar. He actually had to get a motorcycle license in order to legally drive it.

Others are smaller, like Justin's. Or the tiny one Blair used to ride around town on. 

And sometimes people mess with those scooters. Occasionally, it's obnoxious drunk people pushing a scooter over, or trying to sit on it. Other times, it's a little more friendly.

Last weekend, Andrew was feeling a little feisty after his graduation ceremony and wanted to play a prank. He enlisted some help and moved Justin's scooter from its parking place in front of the bar.

According to Dave, Justin realized his scooter was gone while they were closing up the bar, and he spent a good 45 minutes searching for it. Where was it?


It's obviously a lightweight scooter if our pranksters carried it up the stairs.

Dave said he could see the wheels turning in Justin's head while he wondered where the scooter was, and eventually he figured it out. If you spend very much time around each other like these guys have, you start to learn how they think.

Justin admits it was a good prank.

Stay tuned for more on the scooter pranks, it didn't end here.