(This post was originally written after Halloween, and somehow it never got published. And since I got busy preparing for birthdays and holidays and my real job and life in general, I didn't notice. But it's too good to not share, so here it is, better late than never.)

Have you ever seen a zombie clown?

We have. It's scary.

MichelleSandbar friend Michelle put together quite the ensemble to celebrate Halloween early last weekend. It was part Rainbow Bright, part creepy-eyed, bloody zombie.

Of course, there's a funny story. Apparently, a lot of people are scared of clowns. And when those clowns are combined with zombies, something people are also afraid of, it's even worse.

There was a poor young lady at the bar who was so freaked out by Michelle's costume that her friends asked Michelle to please stay away from her. If you've ever been in the Sandbar, you know this is pretty much impossible, because there's not a lot of room.

Michelle complied, most of the night. By the end of the night, though, she couldn't help herself. She walked up to the poor young lady and scared the crap out of her, sending the girl running into the corner of the back room.

And she wouldn't come out.

It was closing time, so Michelle did what any good zombie-clown would do: she went to the back room and scared the girl back out of the bar.

So, to the poor young lady, we hope you recovered from the fright. Please come back someday.