The sales pitches we get via email never fail to amuse.

You might remember the really crazy, bad-grammar-laden train wreck of a pitch we blogged about last time. The most recent pitch wasn't quite that awful, but it was still a surprise.

We were solicited to take part in a promotion to find the- wait for it- "Best Country Music Bar in America."

Yep, you read that right.

While many of us at the Sandbar love country music, and we have a lot of country music on our jukebox (or, at least, we used to- but that's another story for another day), we're pretty sure that no one in their right mind would consider the Sandbar a country bar.

Not to mention, this particular contest requires a "small fee" to participate.

Typically, the email pitches we get are completely impersonal and it's obvious they're just blasting them to out everyone. This one was a little bit different.

The sender made a point to mention that she grew up in Kansas, graduated from K-State but has lots of Jayhawk family members and is familiar with Lawrence and she really wants a Kansas bar to win.

It might have been better had she not mentioned those things and just let us think it was another anonymous, impersonal pitch. Because someone who was familiar with Lawrence and a "Jayhawk at heart" would surely know we're not a country bar, right?

It's funny, because the big prizes in this contest are concerts with major-label recording artists in your bar. Where in the world would we put them?!

So, no. We won't be paying to participate in this contest, but the email was good for a laugh.