Hey Sandbar friends!

Our fearless founder Peach's niece has been nominated for some awards, and you can help her win!

Katlyn Conroy (if you're a regular, you probably also know her dad Patrick- he hangs out here a lot!) has been nominated for Best Female Singer/Songwriter in the Pitch annual music awards. Her band, Cowboy Indian Bear, has also been nominated in the rock category.

Katlyn has worked really hard this year touring, writing and recording. Let's help her add another accomplishment to the list! You may remember that Katlyn has played at our block party before (and we hope she'll do so again).

Click here to vote. Fair warning: there's a quick registration required, but it's really easy and doesn't take very much time at all. It's really easy to vote, too.

Thanks, friends! We appreciate your help in supporting part of our Sandbar family!