'Tis the season for bachelorette parties, birthday parties, wedding parties and just about any other kind of party you can imagine.

Recently, we saw a "bachelorette" party that we've never seen before.

It was a Tuesday night, and Dave said a group of girls came in. They informed him that they had three bachelorettes in their party. He thought this was odd, but didn't ask. He assumed they were just a group of friends who happened to have three among them getting married over the summer, so they decided to celebrate together.

He said they were more subdued than the usual rowdy bachelorette parties we see (and they were probably a lot more polite) but he didn't think much of that, either, since it was a Tuesday night.

At one point, though, when one of the young ladies came up to the bar, Dave asked the question.

"So, three of you are really getting married?"

No one was actually getting married, she said. Instead, the girls were students at Benedictine College, and three of the girls in the group were getting ready to enter the convent. Married to God, we presume.

Yes, you read that correctly. No, I'm not joking. (Unless they were, in which case, they totally fooled Dave.)

So to wish their friends well, they made the trek to Lawrence to celebrate at the Sandbar.

And because we know you're wondering, yes some of them were drinking, but no, none of them were crazy and obnoxious about it.

So, congratulations to these young ladies, and we appreciate that they thought of the Sandbar. You truly can celebrate anything here.