JamieCongratulations to Jamie, 2012 graduate! 

You might recognize Jamie. She's been a regular fixture around the bar for a long time now, since she's dated bartender Andrew for almost her entire college career. They even met through the Sandbar, sort of- they were introduced to each other by bartender Hayley.

Jamie graduated from KU with distinction and a bachelor's of science in education. Her major was exercise science. What's she doing with that degree? She's one of a very small number of people who got into the physician assistant program at Wichita State University. She's pretty smart.

So Jamie will be heading to Wichita very soon and starting another degree. What are some of her favorite memories of the Sandbar?

When she celebrated her 21st birthday here, and her friend Rachel fell off the bar- but don't worry, she didn't get hurt. And all the nights spent dancing with friends and hanging out with Andrew.

Jamie and her family celebrated graduation at the bar right after the ceremony, and Patrick, Andrew's uncle, was there to take photos.


Good luck Jamie! We'll miss you around the bar, but we hope you'll visit us often!