I've been so busy taking care of a new baby that I totally forgot about profiling 2012 graduates! We've done this for the past few years, and it's been great fun to find out a little bit more about some of our most regular customers.

So, even though it's a little late this year- KU's graduation is Sunday and Haskell's is this Friday- we're still going to do it. Better late than never, right? And besides, I'm desperate for stuff to put on this blog!

If you're graduating this May (from any school, really, it doesn't have to be a local university- but not high school!), we want to hear from you!

Send us a few pictures, and tell us some of your favorite facts about the Sandbar. Here's a few questions we've asked in the past:

  • Favorite jukebox song?
  • Song you never want to hear again?
  • How long have you waited in line?
  • What's your favorite Sandbar drink?
  • What's your favorite drink toy?
  • Favorite memory at the Sandbar?
  • Funniest moment at the bar?

Tell us whatever you want. We reserve the right to edit the answers for space and any other reason we deem necessary. Email us at sandbar@thesandbar.com.

Looking forward to hearing from some of you, it's your chance to be famous!