Last Wednesday featured another successful Kansas Relays shot put event in downtown Lawrence!

An estimated 3,500 people flooded the streets to see world-class shot putters compete. The bar itself was rather empty during the competition. The weather was beautiful and we had a bar set up outside, so there wasn't much reason for people to be inside. A small group gathered upstairs in our beach to watch out the windows. Here's a picture from the second floor of the Sandbar:


Another small group, mostly our staff members and their significant others as well as some local photographers, gathered on the roof. Here's what the view looked like from up there:


It's really amazing how the city crews can get everything set up and torn down in one day. According to the local paper, a lot of the materials will be recyced and used along the river trails. (I would link you to the article with more details, but I can't find it on their site at the moment.)

The next night, the women's long jump was held on 8th Street on the other side of Massachusetts. The crowd wasn't as large, but it was still really fun.

We definitely hope the city and KU Athletics continue holding this event downtown. It's a great activity for families and is something unique for our town. The only thing that could make it better? Bring the pole vault downtown!