Remember the story about the fire extinguisher? Well, the person who deployed it upstairs and made a mess saw our post about it, and he left an apology. This might be a first, and we appreciate his response.

Here's what he had to say:

This is a response from "The Idiot". I am sorry for spraying the fire extinguisher causing silly additional stress on the great employees of the Sandbar. While I'd argue that cleaning the mess of drunken people, like myself, is par for the territory, I still agree the guys behind the bar were super nice and deserve better. It should be noted that as I left the bar, I asked if the mess was properly cleaned up. They assured me (probably just to get me out of there) that it was. I ended up leaving and while I was waiting for a ride I returned asking if there was anything else I could help clean while I waited. They told me no but out of the kindness of their hearts they invited me in allowing me to wait in the warmth of a heated bar. In the meantime, I'm sure I made an ass out of myself, but that bit of the story should remain to those present. In the end of it all, I was amazed at how professional and good spirited the three gentlemen were while I plagued the air with my intoxication. I suppose I should get to a point in all of this. I want to project my total regret for betraying the trust of the employees guarding the glorious haven known as the "upstairs". I feel that the mistake of one should not result in a punishment to the masses. For if we punish the mass on the actions of one we overlook the rights of each well behaved bar-goer out there. In the end I plead for a reconsideration in upper deck access.

Yours forever,

The Idiot

"Extinguishing non-existent flames since 2012"

Thanks, drunk guy. We really do sincerely appreciate your apology and the fact that you recognize the error of your ways. Out of all the stupid behavior posts we've made here, you're the first one who has actually apologized.

We aren't sure if this will change Dave's opinion on allowing people upstairs; the fire extinguisher incident was merely the final straw. There have been plenty of other people who have made messes upstairs- throwing popcorn everywhere, spilling drinks and causing general mischief. But, we'll see.