Today is a big day for Jayhawk fans everywhere. The KU men's basketball team travels to that town in our neighboring state to the east to take on their most hated rival. That alone always makes it a big game, but this year has even more significance, since that school has chosen to leave our conference and this might be the last year we ever play them.

There's a lot of hatred between these two teams. YouTube videos have been exchanged (just Google "We are KU," it's entertaining) and insults have been hurled across the internet.

A lot of the animosity between fans of each school is fueled by history: residents of both states were fighting all the way back in the Civil War era. Several of us actually took a history tour last summer to learn more about Quantrill's Raid, when the city of Lawrence was burned.

We love a good sports rivalry, but we also hope that Jayhawk fans can stay classy tonight, wherever you're watching the game.

Rock Chalk Jayhawk!