We had a nearly fatal incident at the Sandbar on Christmas night.

Blair offered to open the bar at 7 p.m. that night. Shortly after he arrived at the bar, Dave got a phone call. Something was wrong with the power, so he went down to the bar to check it out. (I should add that usually, Dave isn't in town for Christmas. Fortunately, he was awaiting the arrival of his son, so he was in town this year.)

Dave's pretty good with electrical stuff but he couldn't figure out the problem. The lights in the bar came on, but then part of them would dim or go out. Worse, the fish tank in the back room had already started to overflow due to the lack of power.

They called Westar, and a technician showed up at the bar pretty quickly to solve the problem. Turns out, there was a loose wire on the power line that's connected to the bar. We were only getting power to half of our circuit box. Something Dave would have never figured out, and he certainly wouldn't have been able to fix.

The technicial fixed the line and the power was fully restored. And most importantly, the Sandbar fish lived.

Big thanks to Westar for sending a technician out so quickly, especially on Christmas!