'Tis the season…to find creative ways to use your Sandbar drink toys!

Every year, we have good intentions of decorating a Christmas tree with Sandbar trinkets and donating it to the Festival of Trees auction that benefits The Shelter. And every year, we forget about it until it's too late to get one done.

But we have lots of customers who are either poor college students or just really, really love our toys- and they decorate their own trees with ducks, beads and other tropical drink paraphernalia, and sometimes they share those pictures with us.

Here's one from Twitter follower @wbloomie:


We particularly love the creativity of this one- not only did she hang toys on the tree, but she actually used the toys to strategically create a face.

And here's another one, also from a Twitter follower, @hilaryferguson:


Do you decorate a tree with Sandbar drink toys? We'd love to see it! You can tweet it to @thesandbar, post it on our Facebook page, or email it to us at sandbar@thesandbar.com. Happy holidays!