We don't recommend bringing a fake ID to our bar. And we really don't recommend it when you're three days away from your 21st birthday.

So the other day, a couple came to the door. The doorguy carded them, as always, and the girl pulled out her ID.

The doorguy didn't think it was legitimate, but he asked Dave for a second opinion. Dave knew it wasn't her. I'm not going to tell you how he knew it was a fake ID, as I don't want to give away their secret tricks, but it was fairly obvious. The doorguy declined admission to the young lady.

Surprisingly, she was upset. And proceeded to encourage the doorguy to call the police to confirm that her ID was real. (Which we have done and will do; don't try to call our bluff.)

What she didn't realize, though, was that the guy she was with (boyfriend? friend? who knows) was standing behind her, shaking his head "no" at the doorguy. As in, "don't call the police."

And then, as she continued to insist that they call the police, the guy pulled her back and told her that she shouldn't take that risk when she's three days away from her 21st birthday. Uh, probably not.