Holidays often bring out the crazies and the amateurs. Thanksgiving night this year was no different.

Since we know how much you like to read stories about stupid behavior at the bar, here's a story from Kristen, bartender Tyler's fiancee' and frequent visitor at the Sandbar.

As usual, Tyler and I had decided to end our Thanksgiving Day by having a drink at the bar after Coleen had determined that she was okay with working the whole shift and closing that night. Tyler went to grab a few things for her from the back before we were getting ready to leave and I was sitting on the bench in the corner by the fish tank on my phone.

I look up to see a group of guys leaving and one of them looked like he had the napkin/straw holder in his arm. I did a quick double take, saw Tyler walking my way and I believe I said something along the lines of "Tyler! napkins! straws! kid!" and pointed frantically as he was walking faster out the door.

We both look out the window to see the kid beginning to jog down the sidewalk with the holder in his right hand. Tyler takes off out the door, I put my drink down and follow (because I didn't know how many of the guys there were & I wanted to see what was going to happen) and one of the guys hanging out by the door (another regular) followed me out the door. Neither one of us could see Tyler or any of the other boys and as I start to walk down the sidewalk towards New Hampshire, here comes Tyler with the holder and a pint glass in his hand as he's hollering back to the guys not to come back or he'll call the police.

Really, people? A napkin/straw dispenser? Stop trying to steal our stuff!

Big thanks to Kristen for her eagle eyes and to Tyler for tracking down the thieves. You know, the last time someone tried to steal something from the bar, they spent the night in jail…