Friday was 11.11.11. Dave and friends thought this was funny and a reason to have eleven drinks. No, they weren't going to do eleven shots at 11 p.m. or anything crazy like that, but they decided to finish off eleven drinks by 11:11 p.m.

They started early. Like 5 p.m. early. And at least a couple of those "drinks" were Dirty Banana shots which may or may not really count.

The last drink of the night, though, made up for it. They finished off with a "Bear Fight," which apparently is a car bomb followed by a Jager bomb. Not one of Dave's new favorites, by the way.

Last night, the Bear Fights made a reappearance. Bartender Tegan was wise (or at least wiser than the guys) and made hers a Cub Fight instead.

Cub fight

That's bartender Tyler sneaking his way into the picture.