On Friday night the Sandbar hosted our third annual Rocky Horror Picture Show party bus extravaganza. We filled a school bus with fun people from the Sandbar, picked up more fun party people in Baldwin and headed for Ottawa.

Our first stop after we picked up a few people at the Lodge in Baldwin City was Dunn's Landing, a working farm outside of Baldwin. Our friends Robin and Kirsten decorated their barn with festive Halloween decor and treated all of us to chili. When everyone was finished eating, we loaded back up on the bus and traveled to Ottawa for the main event.


The party crew outside the barn at Dunn's Landing

The Crystal Plaza Theater in Ottawa has undergone a makeover. Owners Peach, Ted, Teddy and Amelia have added a kitchen and grill, and the lobby area features a small dining area along with a counter and bar stools in the concession area. There's a full menu of appetizers, sandwiches and burgers; and we were particularly amused with the "Happy Endings" section of the menu. It features desserts, silly.

We watched Rocky Horror in the smaller theater, where some of the theater seating was removed to make way for several tables and chairs so patrons can enjoy food while watching the movie.

If you've never been to RHPS, you need to go. It's not the movie itself that is so much fun, but the entire event, especially with the Sandbar crew. And particularly Movie Dave and Scotty Mac, who thoroughly entertained the crowd with their dialogue.


The party crew in the lobby of the Ottawa Crystal Plaza movie theater

After the movie, we loaded back up on the bus and headed home. Many thanks to our awesome bus driver, Jimmy Lee Rose. Anyone who can put up with our group is a rock star! We'll be sure to request him as our driver next time we rent a bus.