Our Twitter friends over at the Larryville Chronicles often mention funny keyword searches that have led people to their blog. Once upon a time we used to do a monthly recap of keywords that led you people here, but it's been awhile, so we thought it was worth revisiting that topic.

Not much has changed.

Over the past year, the runaway leader for search terms is "what happens during a hurricane." No surprise there; that's always been a popular search phrase that's directed people to our blog. Although we're pretty sure they're not looking for what happens during our hurricane.

The other top search phrases are things Sandbar-related:

  • drink trinkets
  • shark cupcakes
  • bahama mama costumes

And while we aren't surprised by these searches, we are surprised at just how many there were:

  • 21st birthday shot book
  • fun shots for 21st birthday
  • 21st birthday shot book page
  • 21st birthday list
  • 21st birthday shirts

We know our bar is a popular destination for newly-minted 21 year olds, but we had no idea how popular "shot books" are. While we're all for celebrating birthdays and the ability to drink legally, we hope those of you making these books are also being responsible.

Now, for some of the funnier and stranger keyword searches that send people to our blog.

  • wrestling wall of fame plaques
  • where to steal a table (NOT HERE!)
  • white pants running bulls
  • what is joeing
  • manly tropical drink
  • ambulance drunk

There are so many funny searches, we can't possibly share the all here right now. But it's definitely given us some ideas for future blog posts!