A few days ago, I got a Google alert for "Sandbar." Many of the alerts I get for the bar's name aren't relevant- they're either talking about one of the millions of other Sandbars around the country, or they're talking about an actual sandbar. You know, the kind with sand and an ocean.

This one, though, also mentioned the local university paper, so I clicked the link.

The article was a review of local bars that students frequent, and after reading the entire article, I saw no mention of the Sandbar.

Finally, I saw the small picture that accompanied the article. Oddly enough, the paper chose a picture of our bar to go with the article that didn't mention our bar at all.

I guess our building is more aesthetically…interesting? It's a cool picture. But I'd also bet that 90% of the "students" convening outside the bar aren't students.