Sandbar friends Phil and Bailey wore their Sandbar shirts on vacation last month. Here's a nice change from the flood of shirt pictures from tropical locations, which were beautiful but making us insanely jealous of vacationers.

Last month, my boyfriend Phil and I went on a camping road trip in South Dakota and Wyoming. We camped and explored for eight days in the Black Hills National Forest, Custer State Park, Buffalo Bill State Park, Yellowstone National Park and Grand Teton National Park. I already had a Sandbar shirt but seeing as we would have lots of photo opps, I made sure to purchase and take an extra t-shirt for Phil.

We decided to wear our shirts on our first full day in Yellowstone; we had lots of exploring to do and a hike planned. At one overlook we stopped at, a fellow tourist offered to take our picture. "Make sure you get the t-shirts in the frame," said Phil, "we are wearing them for a reason". That reason, of course, was to be featured on the (world?) famous Sandbar blog. If you're planning a trip to the area (and you should be!), let us know! We'll be happy to share our favorite spots!