The Sandbar is a popular place for bachelorette parties. The combination of fluffy drinks with umbrellas, brightly colored beads and the cheesy hurricane show that girls can use to embarrass the guest of honor just keeps reeling them in.

Most bachelorette parties are fun for everyone in the bar. A few, not so much. Here are some of our favorite tips for having a successful bachelorette party at The Sandbar.

1.  Get here early.

The Sandbar is small. It's busy. Especially on a Saturday night at 10 p.m., which is when everyone wants to be there. Get there by 8 or 9. Yes, it's early and not very crowded. This is a good time to chill out with your girlfriends, drink some fun tropical drinks and prepare for the night.

2.  Wait patiently

If you didn't follow our advice above and get stuck in a line outside, be patient. Just because you're with a group of dolled-up women doesn't mean you get to cut the line. Everyone waits in line, even the staff. We aren't making you stand in line because we're mean- it's because fire codes limit our legal capacity to 49 people and we don't want a ticket and a fine. And trying to tell the doorguy that you "called ahead" doesn't work. We don't take reservations- we aren't a restaurant.

3.  Have a plan

If you're ordering for a group, it helps to order everything at once. Don't ask for one drink, only to ask for another when the bartender comes back with it, and yet another after that. And on that note, don't order twelve different complicated shots at the same time. It also helps to run a tab instead of asking the bartender to run your credit card after every single drink order.

4. Don't expect free stuff

We love bachelorette parties, but it's against the law to give away free drinks. Be nice, and the bartender might buy you one or even a round. But please don't act like you're entitled to something free.

5. Don't be a diva

The bartender will almost always let your bachelorette be the mermaid if you ask, and if someone else hasn't already called dibs. But don't keep demanding a hurricane *right now* if they're busy. There are other customers in the bar. They'll get to it. Be patient. And nice. 

You might have noticed a theme in these tips- be nice. That's our number one tip for bachelorette parties, or really for anyone!