The ghost made another appearance late at night a few weeks ago.

Tyler called Dave at home after they closed up the bar and told him the ghost had been particularly active that night; Emerson even claimed to have seen the ghost standing over by the jukebox.

Dave pulled up the webcam online to take a look at the bar, and he noticed that the guys had left the "open" sign on. He called Tyler back.

"Hey, you guys left the "open" sign on."

"No we didn't," Tyler said. "I know we turned it off, because I had to go back in and unplug the specials sign."

Dave was positive it was on, so he actually rode his scooter down to the bar- and the "open" sign was on. He was too freaked out to go inside, so he went back home and pulled up the webcam again.

This time the sign was off.

Dave really freaked out, until he found out that Tyler had gone back to the bar and turned it off, apparently during the short time Dave was driving home.

But, they all still swear the ghost turned the light on in the first place.