Well, friends, another Sandbar birthday party has come and gone. The party just gets bigger and better every year!

We're estimating that around 1,400 people went through the beer garden and/or bar areas at some point during the night, and there were lots of other people on the street who didn't enter those areas at all.

The shark slide was clearly a big hit with kids and adults. Here's a picture that Dave's little sister Stephanie took from on top of the slide:


Our staff worked harder than they've probably ever worked at the Sandbar before. Thanks to everyone who tipped them, shared a kind word or thanked them- they deserved it! Many of the staff members worked a solid 8-10 hours that night, on their feet the whole time, and extremely busy for most of it.

The bands were fun and played great music, and great snacks were available on the street. Thanks to Air Summer Snow, Teller's, the lemonade guys and Sandbar Subs for keeping people cool.

We'll have more notes and stories and pictures to share throughout the week. In the meantime, leave your favorite Shark Fest memory in the comments, or shoot us an email at sandbar@thesandbar.com and we'll post it on the blog! We'd love to see your pictures, too.