After posting our recent story about ladies locking themselves in the bathroom, long-time regular customer Lisa posted a comment with her favorite Sandbar bathroom memory.

One of my favorite memories there is a bathroom one too! This really drunk girl kept pushing and pushing on the bathroom door and looked rather flustered when it wouldn't open. I pointed out that someone was probably in there and the door was locked. She swore up and down to me that there were stalls in the bathroom and more than one person could go in there and that the door must be stuck.

Finally the girl who had been inside opened the door and came out, and the drunk girl looked totally amazed that indeed there was only one toilet in the women's bathroom (I of course was dying inside from not laughing in her face at this point). She goes into the restroom to do her business and I start telling my friends, who are sitting at the tables by the bathroom, about her. 

I reenact her pushing on the door, when to my surprise the door flies open to her sitting on the toilet. After she finished and came out she told me she couldn't lock the door because the lock didn't work. Forget that it had been locked previously, she clearly was also trying to use the wrong lock!

Love this.