This is definitely a show at Theatre Lawrence that we need to see: "How I Became a Pirate."

This show opened last weekend, but if you missed it, don't worry- there are three more performance dates. You can catch the show on July 22, 23 or 24.

Here's a description of the show, from the Theatre Lawrence website:

When Braid Beard’s pirate crew invites Jeremy Jacob to join their voyage, he jumps right on board. Buried treasure, sea chanteys, pirate talk – who wouldn’t go along? Soon Jeremy Jacob knows all about being a pirate through songs like “Talk like a Pirate” and “Pirates Dot Arggh.” It’s the heave-ho, blow-the-man-down, very best time of his life. Until he finds out what pirates don’t do– no reading bedtime stories, no tucking kids in…Maybe being a pirate isn’t so great after all. This family friendly musical is based on books by Caldecott Honor-winning illustrator David  Shannon and writer Melinda Long.

The best part? It's a costume contest! Theatre Lawrence encourages all the audience members to come dressed up as a pirate, and there are prizes before the show for the best dressed pirates!

This sounds like a great show for the entire family, and bartender Coleen is taking a pack of children to the show on Saturday. Maybe you'll see more of our staff there, too!

Go here to buy tickets online.