In our recent "Thoughts of a Bartender" post, one of the thoughts was "don't throw popcorn at me."

You may or may not be surprised to find that popcorn is tossed at our bartenders quite frequently.

One night, after a particularly annoying shift with a customer shouting at the bartenders all night to get their attention and throwing popcorn, Dave retaliated in a clever (yet harmless) way.

He got on Facebook.

He happened to be Facebook friends with this particular customer. We'll call her "Jan" (not her real name.)

Dave went to Jan's Facebook page and posted:


Then he waited, and posted again:


And again:


This went on for a few more posts, with each one getting longer and taking up more space on her wall.

It made Dave feel better to get some of the frustraion out of his system, even if he was only taking it out on Facebook.

The lesson here? It's either don't make the bartender mad….or don't be friends with them on Facebook.