At Friday night's Tour of Lawrence street party, we had another nice surprise: a visit from mid-90's regular customer Gina, who now lives far, far away in Seattle!

And, it's her birthday today!

The last time we remember seeing Gina in the bar is back in 2002, right after the hurricane debuted. Lots of things have changed since then, but she still looks as young as ever!

2002_gina_0004 20110701_0001


And look- she still poses the same way for the camera! (Above, Gina circa 2002 and last night.)

Gina and her family are in the area for an extended visit, and of course they had to stop in Lawrence for dinner at Free State Brewery and an evening at the Sandbar.

Once Dave found out it was her birthday at midnight, he ordered a special hurricane and they danced on the bar in mermaid costumes.

20110701_0009 20110701_0022

Happy, happy birthday Gina! It was so great to see you and Michael last night, and we hope you can make it back for a visit again soon.

A few more pictures are posted on our Facebook page.