One night, Dave got a call from the bartender on duty.

"Casey and Randy are here and asking about you."

Dave went down to the bar right away. Now here's a strange story for you that shows just how small the world can be:

Casey worked at the Sandbar years ago. She used to work the Monday shift with Rachel, and Dave and his buddies went in to see them every week. (Apparently the girls wore bikinis while they tended bar.) This was before Dave even worked at the bar! Casey and Peach were good friends, too. Eventually, she moved on and lost touch with the Sandbar crew.

Randy played basketball at Hutchinson Community College with Dave. They were good friends, but like lots of people in the pre-Facebook age, they lost touch also. (What did we do before Facebook?!)

Somewhere along the way, Casey and Randy met and fell in love and got married. Now, they live in the Kansas City area and own the 5 Guys restaurants up there.

Pretty crazy that two people Dave knew nearly twenty years ago, from different places and times, have ended up together!