If you hang out on the Sandbar patio for even a short period of time, you'll hear some pretty funny stuff.

Here's a few gems from last Friday night.

Is it raining?

A patron who shall remain nameless suddenly exclaimed that it was raining. No one really believed her; the sky was clear and blue, even though it was getting dark, and there were no signs of imminent rain or storms anywhere. And it was hot. And no one else felt raindrops.

About an hour later, she realized that her cup was leaking, and every time she took a drink she felt "raindrops" on her arms and legs.

You got a smoke?

People on the patio get this a lot. But they probably don't always get the question from the ultimate cougar: feathered, bleached blond hair, short shorts, extra heavy makeup and heels. We're pretty sure she didn't believe that no one in the party had a cigarette.

I'm a puma.

The cougar conversation led directly into the puma conversation. If you're not quite old enough to be a cougar- what is the defining age, anyway?- but you fit the basic criteria, apparenty you can be a puma. I think she just liked saying the word, to be honest.

Are those bats?

Apparently lots of people walk out of the Sandbar and immediately look up to see weird, white, glowing bird-like things flying around. A big debate ensued as to whether they were bats, or pigeons, or some kind of hawk. No one really knew, but the bat story was the most popular.

What have you heard on the patio?