Last January, we stumbled across a pretty hilarious webpage dedicated to our little bar. We blogged about it here, and it opened up a dialog with the young creators of the website. They recently noticed the demise of our webcam (which we've had for many, many years now) and wrote to let us know of their disappointment.

To whom it may concern,

I am writing this totally original letter on behalf of the good hosts over at the White Noise internet podcast (any resemblance to another email is purely coincidental). You may perhaps remember a post on the Sandbar blog from January 8th of this year detailing a rather curious cause of site traffic- specifically, this podcast that dedicated a segment of its show to your webcam and the mystical rites found therein.  Since that time, White Noise has continued to do its best to maintain its mainstays of being fiendishly unreliable in its scheduling and marginally less than unsuccessful in its attempts at humor.  However, on fleeting, rare moments, such as when the planets achieve syzygy or the Houston Astros make it to the fifth inning without completely blowing it, a new episode is released, and you can be sure that the Sandbar Update- now complete even with its own theme music! -is one of the dearest and most-anticipated segments.

Therefore, you may understand my dismay to find that your webcam is seemingly inoperable.  It is in that dismay that I send this message with these goals:  that I may inquire as to the circumstances that led to this misfortune, encourage the rehabilitation of the aforementioned equipment, and alert you to the appreciation that the hosts and I hold for everything you do.  Certainly, I hope that all is well and I shall continue to consider you and your establishment with great fondness, even in the absence of our magical digital portal.

With Whimsy Unwavering and Sniftitude in Spades,
Kyle Sullivan
White Noise Listener and the one who wrote this letter. Really.

We laughed. We recently hooked our webcam back up and it was functional for a brief time, and then it died. For good this time. So, while we definitely plan to replace it, we don't know when that will be. We'll be sure to let everyone know when you can tune in to our "magical digital portal" once again.